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A career with ENERGETIX Bingen.

You can quickly start earning a good income with flexible hours of work by selling magnetic therapy jewellery. You work on a full or part-time basis, taking advantage of two strong growth markets: wellness and jewellery.

Work as part of  friendly and successful team!

Magnetic jewellery is simple to present and offers great earning opportunities. You are your own boss and it is you who decides when and how long you work, whether as a main or a secondary occupation. In either case we support you in every way possible. You will be running your own business - with a business owner's income.

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Work from home with the support of one of the world’s largest direct sellers of Magnetic Therapy Jewellery. You can work the way you want with flexible hours that suit you, by joining the ENERGETIX team.

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No experience is necessary in business or health and wellness as all training is provided, but you must be serious about being successful and willing to learn and work. You will be self employed and can choose to start slowly or hit the ground running - it is completely up to you. There are no huge targets to reach or mandatory meetings to attend. You will start earning 20% straight away, and could go on to earn up to 40% PLUS.   ENERGETIX Business Partner Starter Kit Get your starter kit now - it comes in a nylon satchel and is filled with over 20 promotional items, including a flexi-bracelet. It contains copies of the catalogue, price lists, flyers, various forms, newsletter, receipt block and books. You choose the kit for your country or for your language. I will train you on a 1-1 basis on everything you need to know, and I will provide you will all the tools you need to make your business an efficient and profitable one. If you are interested in earning an extra income, either part time around your current commitments or as a full time business opportunity, please get in touch and find out more information about this opportunity in Network Marketing. Energetix Distributor earn an extra income work from home Read about why I became an ENERGETIX Independent Business Partner in About Us

What is Network Marketing?

We sell products to consumers using word of mouth advertising. This is broken down into three areas;

  • As distributors for Energetix we personally go out and gather customers and we sell products to those people by sharing with them the value of magnetic therapy. 
  • We build a network of other distributors doing the same thing. We have the ability to expand our network.
  • We, as leaders, apply leadership to the network to improve the productivity of that network.  

We are selling quality products to consumers using word of mouth advertising. We are building and expanding a network of distributors doing the same thing and increasing through leadership the productivity of that network.

Introducing my new team member, Jo

I have always loved how jewellery can change a look of an outfit and make it complete. I also love how a piece of jewellery can be in the family for years, an heirloom, which carries memories of loved ones. I started to create personalised silver jewellery a few years ago as I wanted to help people create their own heirlooms. When I learnt about magnetised jewellery I got very excited; not only was the ENERGETIX jewellery beautiful and high quality it could also help someone to feel better... how amazing was that!

I immediately wanted to be part of this fantastic brand and felt it complimented my personalised silver company, Box of Frogs Jewellery (, and I met up with Madeleine and she explained to me how I could become an Independent Business Partner. 

I look forward to working with Madeleine and the other members of her team to spread the message of how great ENERGETIX jewellery is


Become an independent business partner with ENERGETIX - new team member Jo
May 2017

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