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Magnetic Therapy - more than just copper bracelets!

Long gone are the days of a simple copper bangle to help arthritis sufferers. Of course, this option is still available, but now there is also a wide variety of beautiful designer jewellery available for all tastes, occasions and budgets. Add to this the range of wellness products; we can feel healthy, look after the immune system, recharge our batteries, and kick start our bodies for a healthier and happier life.  

Magnet Massage Magnet Pebble Ship Shop Style 

MagnetMassage, a product for relaxing massages, presents itself in a special ergonomic shape but still unique design. This article also comes with two power magnets that are each 0.22 tesla strong. The MagnetPebble is an unusual palm stone with one side made from stainless steel and the other from copper. The palm stone comes with a magnet that possesses a magnetic force of 0.22 tesla.

The bandage with six large bipolar magnets (0.08 tesla) and antibacterial silver-particle finish is warm and cosy to wear and helps with tense muscles. The MagnetBandage has many versatile uses – be it in the back region, the thighs or shoulder-neck area. The removable strap and the separately available decorative covers in different designs will turn the MagnetBandage into a chic seat cushion.

*For a larger version, check out our new MagnetBlanket!

For Relaxation and Sleep

New to our Wellness collection is the MagnetComfort Neck Pillow, containing 8 strong neodymium magnets of 0.12 tesla each. The high-quality memory foam is encased in a super-soft outer material, and the ergonomic shape can help prevent neck pain and tension; perfect for relaxing and sleeping.

Ship Shop Style MagnetComfort Neck Pillow

The MagnetComfort Neck Pillow comes with it's own bag for ease of transport, making it ideal to take with you travelling.

The MagnetComfort Neck Pillow with integrated magnets for relaxation

Relax in style with the MagnetRelax eye mask, containing 7 strong neodymium magnets of 0.12 tesla each. The luxuriously soft material, and soft nose bridge of this relaxation mask, provides optimum protection from annoying light, and it comes with a handy travel pouch. The adjustable Velcro® strap gives extra comfort and the added value over standard sleeping masks.

Magnetic Relaxation Mask from Ship Shop Style

The force of magnets for your water and ornamentation for your glass

Magnetic water can reduce the acidity and bile in the digestive system. Drinking 8oz of warm magnetically ionized water first thing in the morning and last thing at night helps to detox the system and flush out your kidneys. It may seem obvious but drinking water when you are stressed can help to calm you down and is also the agent responsible for lubrication of the joints of the body. Use the water from the jug in the kettle or iron – you'll see a lot less limescale build up!! It also softens water, so increased lathering when used for washing and bathing.

Water Quartet Magnetised Water Magnet Water Crystals
Wellness out a jug of water! Make more out of your drinking water with the WaterQuartet: the stainless-steel element that comes with a power magnet (0.22 tesla) adds the force of magnets to your drink! It looks simply enchanting in conjunction with amethyst, mountain crystal and rose quartz! The special stones frequently adorn water jugs in spas and wellness hotels.

MagnetStick adds the force of magnets (0.2 tesla) directly to drinking water. The magnetic water stick in its different designs also turns the daily requirement of 1.5 litres of water into a visual pleasure.

Magnet Water Stick Magnetised Water Magnetic Coaster Magnet Water Stick Magnetised Water

To go with it, ENERGETIX presents a decorative living accessory that possesses integrated magnets with this coaster. Glasses, cups or drinks bottles may be attractively placed – be it at home or in the office, for everyday use or even for very special occasions. The coaster is made from stainless steel and may be engraved as desired.

Magnet Coaster Magnetised Water

Faster plant growth

Magnetised water has less surface tension and dissolves more nutrients than harder water. These extra nutrients flow to and are more readily absorbed by the roots, stimulation their growth. In addition to faster growth, the extra nutrients allow a higher proportion of plants to thrive, increasing crop production from 15% to 20% or more.

Wellness for your feet: magnetic insoles by MAGNAWELL®

Magnetic shoe insoles by MAGNAWELL®. Aching feet, swollen ankles, poor circulation

MagnetWalk! The extra-thin all-rounder makes any shoe noticeably more comfortable throughout the year. The sheepskin that has been tanned using plant-based materials only is fine and supple and creates the perfect climate for highest wearing comfort. 

  • 6 neodymium magnets with a strength of 0.12 tesla in each sole
  • Slip resistant, breathable liner
  • For women or mens shoes
  • Available in European sizes 34/35 to 46/47
  • Available in UK sizes 1/2 to 11.5/12.5

Magnet4Go! The anatomically shaped footbed guarantees highest wearing comfort. Breathable microfibres help create an optimum climate balance. Shock-absorbing cushioning in the heel section and front of the foot for a perfect feeling when walking.

  • 6 neodymium magnets with a strength of 0.12 tesla in each sole
  • Absorbent microfiber
  • Latex memory for great comfort and shock absorption
  • Available in European sizes 34/35 to 44/45
  • Available in UK sizes 1/2 to 9.5/10.5
  • Free shipping, usually dispatched within one business day of receiving your payment.
  • Warranty on workmanship and materials 2 years.
  • Return / Exchange Guarantee 14 days.
  • Test Period 30 days
  • Contact me with any questions