How Magnets Help My Rheumatoid Arthritis – with Anita Barber

Interviewee Anita Barber, sitting behind a table, wearing her magnetic jewellery and smiling at the camera

Rheumatoid Arthritis

One of my very first clients was Anita, and as she suffers from rheumatoid arthritis I was keen to know if the magnetic therapy would help her.

After introducing her to the magnetic therapy jewellery here's what she thought.

Anita Barber standing with her hand on her hip, and her index finger over her lips, looking thoughtfully into the distance Anita Barber laughing

Had you heard about Magnetic Therapy before?

No, I hadn’t heard about it before you introduced me to it.

And what was your first thoughts about this ‘alternative’ therapy?

Because I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis (RA) I’ve already tried alternative treatments, although I am on medication for life anyway which is sorting the problem, but sometimes it flares up and the pain cannot be treated with other medicines as they clash. So any alternative that compliments it I find useful.

What alternative therapies have you tried?

I’ve tried acupuncture, which gave me some pain relief but only for a short while. Reflexology, which just highlighted where I had the problems.

I’m not allowed to use ibuprofen with the medication I take, so therefore I can’t use the cream and that’s where the magnet came into play helping me out. I put the magnet on (MagnetStrip) and it created a warm glow, which was the same as the cream would have done. It’s like magic! No interference with my medication so I was very happy.

How long have you suffered with rheumatoid arthritis?

I’ve had it 5 years.

Anita Barber sitting behind a table outside, smiling at the camera
Anita Barber (2018)

Do you know what causes it or what brought it on?

No, it’s something that you unfortunately come down with. You allegedly can’t catch it, it’s your own immune system fighting you. Either your medicines help, which my do, or they don’t.

And do you find it affects different parts of your body?

It effects joints. If I over use a certain joint I’ll have an ache. It could be just from sitting and sewing or knitting, something that I can do for hours without noticing the time and then I get an achy wrist. That’s when I will swap my bracelet from one arm to the one that aches. Or if I’ve vacuumed the whole house without stopping I will ache; it’s everyday things.

Do you use diet at all and watch what you eat, to help reduce your inflammation?

No. I was having ginger religiously every day in a smoothie, but recently I haven’t had any. I don’t eat tomatoes. I did try initially when I was first told I had RA, like drinking vinegar and not having citrus fruits.

When you first saw the jewellery and I explained how it worked, what was your thoughts?

Initially I thought it’s a bonus if the magnet helps, but I honestly just liked the jewellery anyway.

So you picked a bracelet first?

The very first bracelet I had that you brought around, I didn’t wear it the first night as I went swimming. When I came home I put it on and went to bed, and in the morning I had this extra energy that I just didn’t know where it came from. And I remember running around, busy, busy, full of energy and it was lovely. And I can only put that down to that I put this bracelet on and wore it to bed, kept it on, and I just buzzed. I was absolutely thrilled.

Magnetic Flexi-Bracelet with copper
Magnetic Flexi-Bracelet with copper

Do you still feel that now, or do you think your body has adapt to the magnets?

I don’t feel it so much now, but sometimes I leave the jewellery off to try and get the buzz back again (laughing). But if haven’t worn it because I’ve gone swimming or to the beach and I haven’t had it on all day, I put it on after a shower and it must boost me without me knowing.

What do you feel when you wear the bracelet?

It takes away the ache. When I came to your party and I just liked it as a piece of jewellery, but the bonus is there’s a magnet in it.

What was the best result you found wearing the jewellery?

The biggest surprise, not surprise, but joy/pleasure, was having that magnet on my back. When I said to you one day that I’d hurt my back, and you said “would you like to borrow a magnet?” and I said “yes please”. I came home and I’d had no paracetamol, no cream (although I’m not supposed to anyway), just put the magnet on (Magnet Strip) and it did the trick. I was delighted and I can’t get over it.

Magnetic Strips - with two strong magnets in stainless steel or with copper, and stainless steel counterpart plain or engraved

How did it make you feel?

It created a warm spot. I put it where the pain was, and that’s exactly what it did, it created this warm spot, it was amazing.

Do you still wear the Magnet Strip or do you wait until you get back pain?

I don’t wear it all the time. It happened this morning though that I felt a little bit achy, so I went and got the magnet and put it on.

The ear studs that you bought for your daughter, was there a reason or was it because they were cute?

I liked the paws because there were cute, but she suffers from migraines. Well she did, but I haven’t heard her say for a while. But she was pregnant*, so I didn’t give them to her until she’d had the baby and said “here, you need the energy”. I can’t say that I’ve heard her mention that she’s had a migraine, but she’s not taken any time off from work.

Selection of magnetic jewellery with paw print motifs, in stainless steel, gold and rose-gold plate. Pendants, bracelets and ear studs
Animal Lovers Magnetic Jewellery Collection

Does she normally take time off from work when she gets a migraine?


Does your husband still wear his bracelet?

He does wear it all the time. He doesn’t talk about it, like if it helps or anything.

Why did you buy it for him?

He does moan about aches and pains. Whether I listen or not is another thing (laughing). He did have that bad shoulder (before he got his bracelet), but he went on such heavy medication that it made him a different person. That wasn’t so good. But he’s been building up the garden wall and hasn’t moaned about things hurting. We will see.

And your son now has a bracelet?

He broke a wrist when he was a child, and a bone in his foot. It’s the foot that gives him the most problem, but he doesn't wear shoes at work.

Four sportEX magnetic bracelets in 4 different colours - turquoise and yellow, red and blue, black and grey, purple and plum

Would you recommend trying magnets?

Yes, without a doubt. They are a huge benefit to me and I don’t even think of it as alternative I think of it as something you should have. And it’s very nice jewellery.

Anita Barber sitting behind a table outside, laughing and stretching her arm across the table
Anita Barber (2018)

Do you have arthritis? Have you tried magnetic therapy? Let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear your feedback.

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