Free Delivery


This is part of our professional Customer Service, where 100% satisfaction of our customers is always the absolute starting point. This does not only mean that we deliver your order to you without any shipping costs, but that we aim to offer the best guarantees possible.

Our many thousands of loyal customers are our greatest asset. Our professional customer service is undoubtedly our greatest strength. We are only satisfied when you are. Our customer service therefore does exactly what the word says: we offer the very best service to our customers  - even after your purchase! And that's not just a promise, we look make that happen.


  • You receive 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - we are only satisfied when you are.
  • We attach a personal contact with our customers and always inform you about the status of your order.
  • We have almost all items in stock and can therefore deliver quickly and reliably.
  • Your jewellery or wellness product order is delivered free of charge - we do not charge shipping costs when shipping to EU countries.
  • The guarantee period on the jewellery and accessories is 2 years.
    • You have a factory warranty of six months on all products. 'No questions asked'.
    • Up to 2 years after purchase an extended warranty period is used if it appears that a defect has occurred, while the jewellery or accessory is normally worn or used.
  • Return guarantee of 14 days. You can return your order to us in the original packaging within 14 days and we will refund you the full purchase price immediately.
  • Trial guarantee of 30 days. If for any reason you regret your purchase within 30 days, we will refund you no less than 85% of the purchase price - even if the jewellery is worn (this is not the case for earrings from a hygienic point of view).
  • We are always available and directly approachable for questions or comments.
  • We guarantee that you have an answer within 24 hours.


You Can Depend On It!

We operate strictly in compliance with the ethical principles established by the most important industrial associations. This distinguishes us from many other companies.

We are a member of the BDD (Germany), FVD (France), DSA UK (Great Britain), DSA (United States of America) and seldia (Europe). The members of these associations have undertaken to observe even stricter ethical principles, to treat business partners fairly and to deal honestly with customers.

Business partners across the world appreciate the efforts undertaken by these associations and it is therefore important to them that a company they choose to work for is also a member of these associations.

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