Why You Should Wear Magnets In Your Knickers

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Magnets In Your Knickers?

I know it’s an attention grabbing headline, but after years of suffering with back pain a friend of mine suggested I stick a magnet in my knickers, and I’ve never looked back.

Up until then I didn’t know anything about magnets, apart from them being handy for holding take-away menus to the front of my fridge. I mentioned magnetic therapy to friends, slightly worried they were going to think that it was some new fad I’d been conned into buying, but I was surprised to find out that I wasn’t the first to discover this amazing new innovation.

How long has magnetic therapy been around?

When I say new, I’ve since found out that the use of magnets for pain relief has been around for thousands of years. The Chinese were documented using magnetic therapy for healing over 2000 years ago, and the ancient Egyptians were fans, including Cleopatra who not only slept on a loadstone (magnetic) bed, but also wore a magnetic amulet thought to help preserve her youthful looks.

With ancient things in mind I thought it was time my cynical husband gave magnets a go for his painful frozen shoulder that he’d suffered with for years. He was taking strong anti-inflammatory painkillers on an almost daily basis, which I knew wasn’t doing him any good.

With a trendy new magnetic bracelet he didn’t care if it was going to work or not. He told me he hadn’t notice any difference since wearing it, but he whinges less these days so I’m certainly suffering less. Most importantly though, he stopped taking the strong ibuprofen.

Magnetic therapy for pets

A female friend of mine had a poor doggy who had terrible arthritis, and was close to getting ‘the injection’ to put him out of his misery. Just before making the dreadful decision and saying goodbye to him forever, someone recommended to her to try a magnetic dog collar, and what happened next was unbelievable.

Before wearing the magnetic collar the dog could hardly walk, stiff from the arthritis, but within a day of having it on there was a definite improvement. Within a week he was like a puppy again. One thing you can count on in life is your dog not lying to you. They are probably not thinking ‘I’ve got a new collar, I’d better liven up my act!’, so maybe the magnets were actually working. He wasn’t cured of arthritis, but it made a massive improvement for the last few years of his life.

Two black leather dog collars with magnetic collar accessories attached, with dog bone shaped steel accessory and horseshoe shaped accessory and Jack Russel dog wearing collar with magnetic accessories
Magnetic Collar Accessories for Pets

Natural remedy for the menopause

Not long after this, my friend was hitting menopause and dreaded taking HRT (hormone replacement therapy), so was looking for natural alternatives. She did give in to the symptoms and reluctantly took HRT, pilling on the pounds, loosing energy from carrying the additional weight, and loosing patients with everyone around her. With a bit of research on how to naturally alleviate menopause symptoms she re-discovered magnets, and having personally witnessing the astounding effect the magnets had on her dog, she thought she’d give them a go herself.

Attaching a discreet magnet to her knickers, in no time at all she felt an increase in energy, an improvement in her mood swings, and she slept better every night. Astounded by the results, she dropped the HRT and kept the magnet, and never felt better!

Obviously, this therapy doesn’t work for everyone, but from personal experience it brings a new lease of life, and to some people it makes certain pain disappear. Magnetic therapy is non-invasive, and although not necessarily life changing, it does improve lives.

How magnetic therapy helps me

I wear a magnet in the back of my knickers when I go to bed and I wake up each morning without any back pain. I don’t need to wear it at any other time, though I do wear other magnetic jewellery during the day since finding it also helped with my tennis elbow and RSI (repetitive strain injury) in my right arm. With so many different styles of attractive jewellery to choose from I would wear it anyway, regardless of if it actually did anything or not.

photo of a wrist wearing two stainless steel magnetic bracelets, next to a retro computer keyboard
My favourite magnetic bracelets

Some people will say it’s the placebo effect, where the power of the mind creates the experience of pain relief or healing, but there are many success stories relating to children and animals who really wouldn’t understand about the effect of magnets on their bodies. I invite you to try it for yourself, along with the millions of satisfied magnetic therapy users from around the world.

Magnetic therapy is non-invasive, inexpensive, and something that can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, anytime.


N.B. Results may vary  on an individual basis. Whilst unable to make claims of a ‘cure’ it is known that wearing a magnet does promote health and well-being.  It’s NOT advised to replace conventional medication without consulting your doctor.  Not to be worn when pregnant or wearing a pacemaker.


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