How to naturally clean copper jewellery

A simple and natural way to clean your copper MagnetHeart from ENERGETIX, or any other copper jewellery.

Copper is a popular choice for jewellery, and wearing it has some health benefits for many people. Unfortunately though all copper will have a natural chemical reaction to the air, causing it to oxidise and turn a green colour.

Lemon juice is acidic and weakens the bonds that formed between the copper and oxygen atoms, removing the oxidised coating.

Magnetic Therapy – MagnetHeart from ENERGETIX

The ENERGETIX MagnetHeart that is also known as the Power Heart is one of our most popular articles for magnetic therapy. It possess a magnetic force of 0.22 tesla (2200 gause) - to give you a comparison, the average fridge magnet is around 500 gauss.

It is discrete and can be worn anywhere on the body.

For each one sold, ENERGETIX donate one Euro to the Hugo Tempelman Foundation. You can find out more information here

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A recent study showed that taking a 20 minute power nap can boost concentration, alertness and mood. I have been waking up with the rising sun, which is getting earlier each morning, and feeling tired during the day. This is why I have started taking a power-nap, and to keep the light out I wear the MagnetRelax from ENERGETIX. 

The soft and luxurious padded eye mask is incredibly comfortable to wear, and has an elasticated strap with Velcro, making it fully adjustable to get a snug fit to keep out the light. Seven powerful neodymium magnets deliver an additional wellness effect. 

Whether travelling or at home, this is an item I'm not going to be without anymore! It even comes with a handy travel pouch.

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