Reduce Plastic and Make Your Water Alkaline

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If you are like me and you are looking to reduce the amount of plastic you use, or perhaps you want to drink more water, then I would like to tell you about the fabulous BalancePlus reusable water bottle - there is a video below if you don't have time to read the post.

Table with various glasses holding Magnet Sticks and Stainless steel magnet Drinking Straws, with fruit in some glasses and on table
Selection of Magnetic Therapy wellness products for your water

Water is Life

Water is life, and staying well hydrated is key to good health. Not only does drinking water help to hydrate your whole body; it gets nourishment into all your cells and organs, it helps to aid digestion, and flush out toxins.

Modern Diets

Unfortunately, many modern western diets are high in animal products like dairy and meat, plus too much processed foods, which can cause a pH of your body to be too acidic. If your body is too acidic that can lead to inflammation and disease.

Alkaline pH is Better

To get your body in balance you want to try and get your pH levels more alkaline, and you can do that from eating a good diet with lots of fruit and vegetables. One other way to do this is by drinking alkaline water, and this is what our BalancePlus bottle is here to help you with.

Balance Plus glass water bottle next to blue neoprene bottle sleeve, with labels highlighting features, with Ship Shop Style logo in top right corner
BalancePlus Reusable bottle from Energetix

BalancePlus Reusable Bottle

Not only is this beautiful bottle fantastic for reducing your plastic waste, so you're not having to buy plastic bottles of water all of the time, you can just keep refilling it with tap water. You might have noticed from the picture above, in the bottom of the bottle there is a little metal container; just unscrew the bottom of the bottle and attached to the base is a removable sieve.

In addition, integrated into the base of the BalancePlus bottle is a nice strong magnet which will magnetise the water. The magnet has a strength of 0.2 tesla's / 2000 Gauss.

BalancePlus Mix

With each BalalncePlus bottle, you get a little packet inside which contains our BalancePlus Mix. Once you open this you will notice that this does look a bit like a tea bag, but in fact, this paper bag contains Maifanite stones.

What the Maifanite stones do is convert ordinary tap water into alkaline, ionized drinking water, and they enrich the water with minerals such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, and iron.

Balance Plus Mix empty packet with one Balance Plus Mix bag on top
BalancePlus Mix bags - with Maifanite stones

Unscrew the metal sieve from the base and pop in the BalancePlus Mix bag, and then screw the sieve back onto the base, and the base onto the bottle. You don’t need to over tighten it as there is a rubber seal in the bottom of the BalancePlus bottle, and also in the lid, so the water is not going to leak out.

The bottle is then ready to be filled with water from the top.

First Use

On first use of the BalancePlus Mix bag, just put enough water into the bottle to cover the sieve and leave it for 3-5 minutes to activate it. Pour out the water and refill, and then it is ready to drink. You only need to do this once with every new BalancePlus Mix bag.

Jazz Up Plain Water

If you are a fan of naturally flavoured water then you could use the sieve to hold, for example, berries, citrus fruit, cucumber, mint, or ginger. Obviously though, if you want to make the water alkaline and enrich it with all those minerals, use the BalancePlus Mix bag.

Tough Glass

The BalancePlus bottle is made from borosilicate tempered glass, which is quite tough – it’s the same kind of glass use for Pyrex cookware.

Make It Personal

A fabulous thing about the stainless steel lid is that it can be engraved, which is great if you want to personalise it. Perhaps you might want to put a name on the cap - maybe if there are a few people in your household or your place of work that use these bottles. If you engrave a name on the cap then it's less likely to get mixed up, so you are not sharing anyone else’s germs (or viruses!), keeping it more hygienic.

Stainless steel Balance Plus bottle lid engraved with the Tree of Life
Stainless steel bottle lid engraved with the Tree of Life

It also looks great with a design engraved on the top, such as the Tree of Life for example. Or how about your company logo?

Carry Case

With each BalancePlus bottle you get a neoprene sleeve included (with a handy handle). The sleeve can help the glass from being too slippery, making it's easier to grip hold of. In addition, if you have any condensation on the glass, like from a cold drink on a warm day, this will help to absorb the excess moisture. It also means that if you have this in your bag, your bag is not going to get soaking wet!

Drink Up

As mentioned before, you get one BalancePlus Mix bag included with each bottle. One BalancePlus Mix bag will last you for up to 4 weeks - that's based on an average of 2 litres a day - or for up 75 litres of water.

We sell BalancePlus Mix bags in packets of 3, for when you are ready to replace them at the end of the month.

The bottles hold 550ml, so aim to be drinking maybe 4 bottles of this a day to keep in good health; it is recommended that a couple of litres a day is perfect to keep your body well hydrated.

Personal Testimony

Over the years I have always drunk magnetised water from using our MagnetSticks. Since drinking alkaline water it's completely got rid of my acid reflux; I haven't actually had it at all since I've been drinking alkaline water! I have definitely felt that I have been sleeping better and have more energy overall, which has been a great side effect.

Therefore, there are many benefits from not only drinking water, but from drinking alkaline, ionised water. Even just regular, magnetised water has many benefits too - BalancePlus just ticks all the boxes!

I Want One!

It's not just any ordinary, reusable drinking bottle, this is a beautiful bottle. If you want to get your hands on one of the BalancePlus bottle’s for yourself, or as a gift, this is available for purchase right now through my web shop. Just click on the Shop Now button here or below. All orders come with free delivery, via courier, in Europe and the UK.

5 Reasons Why You Need a BalancePlus Bottle


If you would like to get your BalancePlus bottle lid engraved then please contact me first before you order and I will send you more information, or you can see the engraving form here.

Stainless-steel screw cap on top of Balance Plus bottle, engraved with flower design.
Example of engraving

If you have any questions at all then feel free to get in touch, I’d love to hear from you. You can drop a comment down below, send me an email, or get hold of me through social media; I'm on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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