Steel Pebble - Magnetic Therapy for PetsWe mustn’t forget our lovely pets! We have a wide range of beautiful accessories for animals, but the one which I feel would be a winner for everyone is the Steel Pebble. Just place it in your pets drinking bowl; it could improve the oxygen in their blood, boost their metabolism, and help with their circulation.  The effect on animals proves in my mind that Magnetic Therapy is not a placebo effect.

It's also sufficiently large to prevent it from being swallowed. It can also be used in an aquarium, or even try it yourself in the bath!

      • ITEM: 2283-1
      • Magnet strength: 0,18 Tesla
      • 91.00 x 91.00 mm

Collar Accessories

Magnetic therapy pet pendant for collarsAnd it's not only dog owners who'll love these items, but Fido and Co. will, too. The circular pendant for attaching to a collar has been made entirely from stainless steel and enchants with a cute paw motif. It may also be engraved as desired – perhaps with your pet's name?

NEW! Heart shaped pendant with three crystals, and paw pendant with sparkling Swarovski® crystal

Collar Accessory - another enchanting item of jewellery for dogs that can be fastened to their collars with the screw provided. Available in the shape of a bone, or paw (with crystal) which comes in two different size.

NEW! - Pet Blanket

Magnetic Pet Blanket from Ship Shop StyleYour little darling is bound to love these quilted and cuddly soft pet blankets in elegant dark blue. The blankets, which have been made from a high-quality and durable fabric mix, create warm and comfortable places to lie that may be used on any surface.

Magnetic Pet Blanket from Ship Shop Style

Be it at home or on the road, it's the perfect place to rest that both cats and dogs will appreciate. The pet blanket can be rolled up tightly and easily carried with the attached strap so it's perfect for travelling, for example, by car or for visiting friends and acquaintances. The blanket is quickly unrolled and is always at hand as somewhere for your dog to rest. The pet blanket comes with seven magnets and may be washed separately at 40°C.

  • ITEM: 4050-1
  • 7 Magnets - strength: 0,12 Tesla
  • 84 x 60 cm
    Magnetic Pet Blanket from Ship Shop Style
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