Body Magnets

The ENERGETIX MagnetHeart, that is also known as the Power Heart, is one of our most popular articles. Like the MagnetStrip, it may be worn almost anywhere on the body. The products are also available in a copper version. Both the MagnetHeart and MagnetStrip each possess a magnetic force of 0.22 tesla. This means that both of these articles are power magnets.

How to wear your Magnet HeartThese magnets are ideal to wear close to the pain you are feeling. It could help you with Frozen Shoulder, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Menopause, Menstrual Pain, Knee Pain, Ankle Pain, for example.

MagnetHeart from Ship Shop Style

For each Magnet Heart sold Ship Shop Style and ENERGETIX both donate 1 Euro each to the Hugo Tempelman Foundation, which is helping to combat AIDS and improve the living conditions of thousands of people living in South Africa. Find out more information here

Hugo Tempelman Foundation Charity

Watch this video for more information about how to wear your MagnetHeart or MagnetStrip

9 Reasons to gift a body magnet

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