How Magnetic Therapy Works

How does magnetic therapy work?

Magnets have been used for their healing properties since earliest times.  The Ancient Chinese were great advocates of their healing properties, as were the Egyptians; according to legend Cleopatra wore magnetite stone as an amulet on her forehead to preserve her beauty.

The biology bit

How magnetic therapy works - blood flow diagram - Ship Shop Style

Our bodies are wondrous biological machines that continually carry out a multitude of tasks every single second to keep us alive. All of our organs do their jobs without us even thinking about it; our lungs transport the oxygen from the air which then goes into our blood stream, and our heart pumps the blood around our body to every organ and cell where it needs to be, all on its own. While this is all happening, every cell in our body produces an electrical impulse which in turn creates our body’s own electromagnetic field. It’s believed that by putting a magnet on or near to your skin, this will stimulate the cellular and chemical healing process, which will increase the oxygenation of the blood and dilate the blood vessels, providing additional oxygen and nutrients to the place in need of healing.

The side effects of this can be reduced swelling, better circulation, and an increase in energy.

Biomedical Engineering Study Demonstrates the Healing Value of Magnets

There are few scientific studies carried out on magnetic therapy, but Professor Thomas Skalak has been carefully studying magnets for a number of years in order to develop real scientific evidence about the effectiveness of magnetic therapy.  He found that static magnets reduced swelling of muscle tissue by up to 50%. You can read more about his study here

The Placebo effect?

Some say “it’s the placebo effect” where the power of the mind creates the experience of pain relief or healing, but there are many success stories relating to children and animals who really wouldn’t understand about the effect of magnets on their bodies. I invite you to try it for yourself, along with the millions of satisfied ENERGETIX customers from around the world.

Magnetic therapy jewellery from ENERGETIX and Ship Shop StyleNeodymium Magnets

Our Magnetic Therapy jewellery and wellness products use powerful Neodymium magnets; worn on or near a pulse point they stimulate the blood cells, therefore passing oxygen and nutrients around the body more efficiently. This in turn releases the body’s natural anti-inflammatory ‘cortisol’, resulting in the alleviation of symptoms of many common ailments. It also releases the brains endorphins which activate the body’s opiate receptors, causing an analgesic effect. We use Top Quality Neodymium magnets – guaranteed only to lose 1% of their power in the first 100 years of their life. Many other magnets on the market do not offer this guarantee. The power of our magnets are the optimum strength to affect the whole body, but we also offer stronger magnets in the wellness range and some jewellery to help stimulate a specific area of discomfort.

Medical conditions that Magnetic Therapy may help with

Bracelets & Anklets
As the veins run past the wrist, the blood flow is improved resulting in an up to 15% increase in oxygen transportation around the body. Ultimately this can result in improvement of metabolism, detoxification, stabilisation of blood pressure and renewal of cells and tissues which encourage the body to heal itself.
Anklets are effective for sore feet and legs.

Ear jewellery & Rings
Earrings and ear studs strengthen the eyes, help sinuses, and relieve tinnitus and migraine symptoms, and improves supply of oxygen to the brain.
Rings are recommended for people working with their hands on a regular basis (tablet and computer users, hairdressers, musicians, etc.)

Necklace with Pendant
A magnet at the back of the neck relieves tension in the shoulders and neck.
41cm (M) Effective for under-active thyroid.
45cm (L) Positively affects respiratory tract and lungs.
50cm (XL) Affects the thymus and strengthens the immune system.
60cm (XXL) Can have a beneficial impact on the heart.
70cm (XXXL) Aids digestion, and can also sooth the symptoms of IBS and diverticulitis.

Copper and stainless steel magnetic therapy bangle Ship Shop Style

Find out about the possible health benefits from wearing copper jewellery



N.B. Whilst unable to make claims of a ‘cure’ it is known that wearing a magnet does promote health and well-being.  It’s NOT advised to replace conventional medication without consulting your doctor.  Not to be worn when pregnant or wearing a pacemaker.