Magnetic Therapy

The effects of magnets on the body have intrigued people for thousands of years and been documented for centuries. More recently, scientists have found that magnets can stimulate the circulation and regulate the blood flow encouraging overstretched veins to tighten, and constricted blood vessels to relax, resulting in swelling and inflammation being reduced.

A study on sports injuries also found that by alternating magnets with ice packs on sprains, bruises and grazes, the injuries healed more swiftly.

There are no definitive answers as to why a little magnet helps but there are several theories which could be plausible.

Wearing magnets on or near your skin can help improve blood circulation, which in turn reduces swelling and inflammation and helps to ease pain. So does it really work, and can it help you?

N.B. Results may vary. Whilst unable to make claims of a ‘cure’ it is known that wearing a magnet does promote health and well-being.  It’s NOT advised to replace conventional medication without consulting your doctor.  Not to be worn when pregnant or wearing a pacemaker.

Find out How Magnetic Therapy Works