Jewellery Size Guide

Our magnetic therapy jewellery is available in a variety of sizes and styles, with pieces suitable for women, men, teenagers, and children. Below is a guide for measurements to ensure that you select the right size for a perfect fit.

The flexible bracelets and rings have a fair amount of give in them, so these are ideal for anyone who suffers from swollen joints. They are also easier to put on and take off due to their flexibility, and not having fiddly clasps. 

The sportEX bracelet is made from elastic silicone which also gives it some flex while putting it on and taking it off.

Magnet Bracelet Size Chart Ship Shop Style

sportEX magnetic bracelet size chart Ship Shop Style

Ship Shop Style Children's Bracelet Size Guide

Ship Shop Style Necklace Size Guide

Ship Shop Style Ring size Guide

Ship Shop Style Ankle Chain Size Guide

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