How to save calories this Easter

Magnetic Therapy Jewellery Easter Gift Ideas

Magnetic Therapy Jewellery Easter Gift Ideas from Ship Shop StyleEASTER Gift Ideas

Looking to save eating too many calories this Easter? Instead of stuffing yourself full of chocolate eggs, why not choose a beautiful piece of jewellery instead? Not only are you going to have a long lasting gift, but also have the added health benefits from the incorporated magnets.

So, instead of feeling sick from over indulging on chocolate, feel the power from your magnetic jewellery and add a spring to your step!

Easter gift ideas Ship Shop styleCasual and Timeless

The leather of these bracelets looks great with the matt finish of the stainless steel fasteners. Perfect for stylish men or women, they are bang on trend right now, but the classic look will last the seasons.

Blue bracelet; Item 3390-1 (L) or 3390-2 (XL)
Brown bracelet; Item 3398-1 (M) or 3398-2 (L)

Beautiful Bright Blue

The blue pastel-like transparency of the zirconia is a real eye catcher, and perfect for spring and summer. Think clear blue skies, and tropical blue seas. It looks so elegant with the polished stainless steel. The ear droppers will catch the light, and the necklace is adjustable from small to XXL to suit your style and outfit.

Necklace - Item: 3308-2
Ear Droppers - Item: 3307-2
Ring - Item: 3365-8 (size 17) or 3365-10 (size 19)

*Ring measurement is the diameter across in centimetres

Fun LovingEaster gift ideas Ship Shop Style

How adorable are these toadstools? The shiny finish makes the red and white colours pop, and the red fabric cord of the necklace and bracelet is adjustable to fit perfectly.

A fabulous gift for little kids.....or even big kids!

Necklace with pendant - Item: 3456-1
Bracelet - Item: 3458-1 (S-XL)
Ear Studs - Item: 3457-1

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