Handsome Dog V’s Giant Magnet

Steel Pet Pebble from Ship Shop Style

Did you know that magnetic therapy can be used by *all living beings?

Magnets could help to improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation, and with animals they could possibly benefit from the therapy much quicker than humans due to their fast metabolism. By using strong neodymium magnets you could help alleviate their arthritis, or other medical conditions that cause inflammation, and also skin conditions (using magnetised water).


Canis lupus familiaris..... parody style video of our very own
Ship Shop dog, Loki,
demonstrating using his Steel Pebble. 

Magnet Pebble

This Steel Pebble is one of our best sellers. Just pop it into your pets water bowl and the strong magnet inside will magnetise the water. You will find that it softens hard water and will reduce limescale build up. The large size means that it can't be swallowed by curious pups.

It's also great to use in aquariums, and customer feedback has told us that the tanks don't need to be cleaned as often as they did before they started using it.

Improved Plant Growth

Put the Steel Pebble in your watering can for 5 minutes before watering your plants, and see you plants grow to be stronger and healthier.

The video below is a report from the 'TodayTonight' show in Australia, which includes details of a scientific study on magnetised water.


Rubber Ducky

Do you love to soak in a relaxing hot bath? Then try it out with the Steel Pebble. The magnetised water will be softer, and therefore the bubbles in your bath will last much longer (probably best to use less than you usually do!). Maybe even try it as a massaging tool. Magnetised water could also possibly help with skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Great Value

For pets, for fish, for plants, for humans!

Magnetic Therapy for Pets - Steel Pebble Pet Pebble - from Ship Shop Style and EnergetixITEM: 2283-1
Magnet strength: 0.18 Tesla
39 EUR/29 GBP

N.B. Whilst unable to make claims of a ‘cure’ it is known that wearing a magnet does promote health and well-being.  It’s NOT advised to replace conventional medication without consulting your doctor.  *Not to be worn when pregnant or wearing a pacemaker.

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