Does Magnetic Therapy Really Work?


Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy has been around for thousands of years, though I haven’t been around that long, so I can only tell you about the last two years! Magnets can help improve blood circulation, which in turn reduces swelling and inflammation, and helps to ease pain. So does it really work, and can it help you?

Let me start by tell you though that this post is going to be fairly bias towards the positive effects of using magnets for pain relief. There are a couple of ‘buts’ (not including my particularly large butt).

I believe that magnet therapy works, but I’m not claiming it’s a cure for anything, but I have had the majority of my clients giving me positive feedback and telling me they can’t live without their magnets!

Natural Remedies for Back Pain

Quick question; have you ever put your back out or suffered with back pain? I certainly have, and I’m sure most people have at some point in their life. It totally sucks. The pain can be immense, and you might end up hunched over like a little old lady.

It hurts to stand, it hurts to sit down, and it hurts to lay down. And what is almost as bad is the disbelieving look from other people who have never experienced it, and think you are being a drama queen and over exaggerating.

How much do you spend on pain medication every year?

Do you prefer to look for natural remedies rather than popping a pill? Conventional medicine certainly has its place, but I sometimes worry about taking too many painkillers. Yes, it is easier to swallow an ibuprofen knowing that the pain might quickly disappear, but what effects do the drugs have on our internal organs?

So how do you deal with back pain? Ask anyone and they will tell you various things to try, whether they are old wives tails or tried and tested themselves. A hot shower or bath, a cold compress, laying on a hard floor, hanging from the stair banisters… take a painkiller and try not to think about it!

I’ve tried all of these. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. My best advice though is to try not to get yourself into the position where you put your back out in the first place. I know, easier said than done, but prevention is usually better than cure.

Trying Magnetic Therapy For The First Time

Having tried all of the above, nowadays I’m super conscious about not being in a position to hurt my back in the first place. I have often woken up with a bad back though from sleeping in an odd position all night. So this is why someone told me to try a magnet in my nickers!

Yes, I thought they were pulling my leg too.

I was imagining some kind of sex toy, not entirely sure how it was going to help a bad back. Maybe something kinky would take my mind off if it?

OK, moving on swiftly. When it comes to taking away the pain I was up for trying pretty much anything, and the added bonus that there are no negative side effects with using magnets. In fact, the earth is a like a giant magnet, so it’s definitely a ‘natural’ remedy.

Wearing Magnets In My Nickers

So I got my hands on a Magnet Heart, also known as a Power Heart. A small magnet roughly the size of a 2 euro coin, with a stainless steel counterpart which you use to hold it in place on your clothes (magnet skin side, counterpart the other, with the material in-between). With nothing to lose from this experiment, I happily attached the magnet to the back of my nickers, close to where I was feeling the most pain, and got into bed.

MagnetHeart from Ship Shop Style
The MagnetHeart from Ship Shop Style can help reduce inflammation and pain

Side Effects of Wearing Magnets

I know I said there were no side effects, but there was actually one. First of all, I woke up in the morning with no back pain at all.




Well this was definitely great. Then it dawned on me that I’d slept all night without waking up once! This might not be a ‘side effect’ for you, but I am a light sleeper and often wake up multiple times a night. I can’t remember the last time I’d fallen asleep so quickly and also slept the whole night through. This was a seriously good bonus.

Sharing Magnetic Therapy

There are a few other things that magnets helped both me and husband with (tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, grinding kneecap, snoring), which I will cover in another post otherwise we’ll be here all day.

My husband started by wearing a particularly interesting magnetic bracelet and was getting lots of comments on it, and people asking where he bought it from, so we decided that as I had some free time available that I should set up my own business and start sharing the benefits of magnetic therapy.

Magnetic -Jewellery-Pop-Up-Shop-Presentation
Magnetic Jewellery Pop Up Shop Presentation

Customer Feedback

When it comes to sales, selling something that you believe in it makes it so much easier. I’ve never been particularly comfortable with trying to sell anything to other people, but I believe wholeheartedly in the power of magnets.

I have clients with arthritis who now can’t live without their magnetic jewellery, and people who suffer with migraines telling me that since wearing their magnets they haven’t had one headache.

Magnetic therapy has also helped ladies going through the menopause, helping to reduce their symptoms to bearable, and more people have noticed an increase in energy since wearing their new magnetic bracelet.

And there's even been positive feedback from a few dog owners who have seen an improvement in their arthritic dog since attaching a magnet to their collar.

Inexpensive Therapy

Whether you currently believe that magnetic therapy is pseudoscience or not, it’s inexpensive, so you are not going to be greatly out of pocket by giving it a try. There’s so many classic and stylish designs to choose from; for men, women, children, and even pets, there's something to suit all tastes and budgets.

Have you ever tried magnetic therapy, or even another ‘alternative’ therapy? Let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear about your experience. And feel free to ask any questions you have here, or you can message me privately through my contact page.

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