5 Reasons Why You Need a BalancePlus Reusable Water Bottle

Text under Ship Shop Style logo says 5 Reasons Why You Need A BalancePlus Reusable Bottle, on turquoise background. On the left a photo of the Balance Plus glass bottle, sitting on two large green leafs with berries scattered in front and a sprig of rosemary

With hundreds of thousands available on the market, choosing the right reusable bottle can get complicated. Staying well hydrated on a daily basis is essential for good health, and it is recommended to drink around 2 litres a day. Our new BalancePlus bottle is not only the ideal vessel for your daily water intake, but this stylish, reusable bottle also adds the power of magnets, and with our BalancePlus-Mix turns the water alkaline. Here are five reasons why our BalancePlus […]

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