About Me

Why I have magnets in my knickers

My name is Mads and I like to help people ease their aches and pains naturally, which is why I wear magnets in my knickers...

My husband had suffered for a long time with a painful frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) and was taking strong ibuprofen on an almost daily basis. I was worried about him doing some serious damage to his internal organs, so I looked into alternative solutions that might help at least easing his discomfort. This is when I first came across 'magnetic therapy jewellery'.

Photo of double page spread in the Sunday Mirror newspaper with a head and shoulders picture of Sheila Wenborne and a headline on the right saying 'Moods so bad your husband wants a tin hat? How YOU can beat the menopause'

Personal Recommendation

Sheila Wenborne, a lady in the UK who I used to work for, was selling magnet therapy jewellery and had told me about all of the possible health benefits from using magnets, including how it had helped her get through the menopause.

You can read more about Sheila's personal story here

Giving it a go

Magnetic bracelet which is designed like a bike chain

My husband picked out a unique looking bracelet from the new catalogue, not entirely convinced it was going to do anything.  If it didn't work then at least he'd have an attractive piece of jewellery to wear. Amazingly, after only a couple of days of wearing it he stopped mentioning the pain. In fact, he even stopped taking pain medication!

Magnetic Flexi-Bracelet with copper in a chevron patternEncouraged by the positive affect his magnetic bracelet had on him I also purchased a bracelet for myself to help with my tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis). Within about 4 weeks the pain I had suffered with for 2 years had completely disappeared!

Personal proof that it worked for me has inspired me to share this with as many people as possible.

After personally experiencing the fantastic results of using magnetic jewellery I want to share this with as many people as possible, which is why I started my own business selling high quality magnetic therapy jewellery and wellness products. I’ve had great positive feedback from clients who are trying it for themselves, and I now regularly wear a ‘MagnetHeart’ in the back of my underwear at night to help me when I occasionally suffer with back pain.

About ENERGETIX Bingen

Map of the World with some areas coloured blue and red showing the countries Energetix distribute magnetic jewellery
Red: Supplied by ENERGETIX Bingen Blue: Supplied by ENERGETIX Bingen license holders

My product suppler, ENERGETIX Bingen, is market leader in direct sales of magnetic jewellery and was founded in 2002. Over 95 million people worldwide work as independent direct sales distributors in network marketing and sell goods worth 144 billion euros annually.

As the leading company in direct sales of magnetic jewellery, Energetix are consistently strengthening their core competence and improving their profitability in order to provide a better financial future for their distributors and staff throughout the world. They offer an ever-growing number of people the opportunity of a satisfying life with an enjoyable career that helps them fulfil their wishes and dreams.

The hallmarks of their steady and purposeful work are openness, honesty, respect and trust. The way we interact with one another is based on interpersonal respect. They also assume their social responsibility to the needy through charity projects.

You can depend on it!

Energetix is a member of direct selling associations

ENERGETIX operates strictly in compliance with the ethical principles established by the most important industrial associations. This distinguishes ENERGETIX from many other companies.

ENERGETIX is a member of the BDD (Germany), FVD (France), DSA UK (Great Britain), DSA (United States of America) and seldia (Europe). The members of these associations have undertaken to observe even stricter ethical principles, to treat business partners fairly and to deal honestly with customers.

Business partners across the world appreciate the efforts undertaken by these associations and it is therefore important to them that a company they choose to work for is also a member of these associations.

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