9 Reasons Why You Need a sportEX Magnetic Bracelet

9 Reasons you need a sportEX Magnetic Bracelet - Ship Shop Style

Do you have aches and pains that niggle away at you, or are sometimes painful?

Then you need to try a magnetic bracelet.

Magnets stimulate the circulation and regulate the blood flow, encouraging overstretched veins to tighten, and constricted blood vessels to relax, resulting in swelling and inflammation being reduced.  A study on sports injuries also found that by alternating magnets with ice packs on sprains, bruises and grazes, the injuries healed more swiftly.

Here are 9 reasons why the sportEX magnetic bracelet may help you.

Three Extra Strong Magnets - sportEX Magnetic Bracelet

1. It has 3 strong neodymium magnets

These rare earth magnets are extra strong (0.2 Tesla), and therefore can possibly speed up your healing and recovery time, or even just give you a boost of energy.

Is 0.2 Tesla’s strong?

Well, the average fridge magnet is 0.01 Tesla…..or 2000 gauss versus 100 gauss

Made of Silicon - sportEX Magnetic Bracelet

2. It's made of silicon

The tough silicon makes this bracelet more durable and robust, so it’s ideal for active wearers, or those who prefer not to go for delicate style jewellery.

Waterproof - sportEX Magnetic Bracelet

3. It's waterproof

The three magnets are encased inside the silicon, making them waterproof. This means you can wear it at all times, including swimming in the sea or a *chlorinated pool, and it’s also sweat proof.

4 Diffierent Colours - sportEX Magnetic Bracelet

4. It comes in 4 different colour combinations

Something to suit your personal style and taste. There is:

Red/Dark Blue
Light Blue/Yellow
Two Tone Violet

4 different sizes - sportEX Magnetic Bracelet

5. It comes in 4 different sizes

For a comfortable fit there are four different sizes to choose from:

S-M = 14cm – 16cm
M-L = 16cm – 18cm
L-XL = 18cm – 20cm
XL – XXL = 20cm – 22cm

2020 UPDATE - The Black/Grey, Light Blue/Yellow and Two Tone Violet are now available in a size XS-S (13cm - 14cm).

No Side Effect - sportEX Magnetic Bracelet

6. There are no side effects

Unlike taking conventional pain medication, there are no undesirable side effects from wearing magnets. Magnets are not a cure for any disease or ailment, but this natural therapy has been shown to have positive effects on men, women, children, and animals.

For Adults and Kids - sportEX Magnetic Bracelet

7. It can be worn by adults and children

Due to customer demand, we now offer three of the sportEX magnet bracelets in size extra-small, which is perfect for kids. There has been some great feedback from children wearing magnets and having an improvement in concentration, particularly children with ADHD.

From adults I have had wonderful feedback saying the magnets have helped stop the pain from tennis elbow and frozen shoulder, and also reduce pain and inflammation from arthritis.

We do also have a wonderful selection of jewellery for teenagers and kids.

Inexpensive - sportEX Magnetic Bracelet

8. It's an inexpensive therapy

At only 35 GBP / 49 EUR it can be cheaper than a visit to a therapist, and with proper care it can last many years. In fact, the magnets inside the bracelet are guaranteed to loose only 1% of their power over 100 years!

Free Delivery - sportEX Magnetic Bracelet

9. It comes with FREE delivery

Whether you order it from me direct, or through my online store, it comes with FREE delivery!

SportEX Magnetic Bracelet from Ship Shop Style

*I personally have the red bracelet and last summer wore it continuously, including in the sea and swimming pool. I did notice by the end of the hot summer that the colour had faded slightly, so imagine this is to do with not rinsing the chlorine off and it then drying in the sun.

I would recommend to take it off if you are using any harsh chemicals, and to rinse thoroughly if you do get anything on it, including beauty products.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about the sportEX magnetic bracelet, or any of our other products, please get in touch! You can also leave a comment below.

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9 reasons why you need a sportEX magnetic bracelet with photo of woman on beach wearing yellow top and magnetic bracelet with arms crossed
9 reasons why you need a sportEX magnetic bracelet with photo of woman on beach wearing yellow top and magnetic bracelet with arms crossed
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