Millions of people throughout the world are enthusiastic about Magnetic Therapy Jewellery. The reason for this success: we combine sophisticated exclusive designer jewellery with the power of magnets. Our customers wear our jewellery because they are fascinated by its radiance and want to have the power of the magnets in their immediate vicinity all the time. Our jewellery provides our customers with moments of well-being in their lives.

Ship Shop Style Magnetic Jewellery Blog

Topical posts relating to magnetic therapy, health and wellness.

What is Magnetic Therapy - Ship Shop Style

Wearing magnets on or near your skin can help improve blood circulation, which in turn reduces swelling and inflammation and helps to ease pain. So does it really work, and can it help you?


Magnetic Wellness and More from Ship Shop Style

More than just Magnetic Bracelets - find out about other magnetic therapy items for personal wellness.

Magnetic Jewellery Size Guide from Ship Shop Style

What size bracelet or necklace should you get? See our size guide to find the perfect fit.

Magnetic Therapy for Pets from Ship Shop Style

Did you know that Magnetic Therapy works on animals too? See the wonderful items we have available for pets.

Host a magnetic jewellery pop-up shop

Want to see the magnetic jewellery and wellness products in person before buying? Host an Ultimate VIP Shopping Experience!

Start Your Own Business with Magnetic Jewellery

Love Magnetic Therapy? Love jewellery? Want to earn some extra cash or start a new business?

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