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Cover of magnetic jewellery winter 2020-2021 collection. Round steel pendant with Swarovski crystals hanging on a steel chain necklace and a matching ring below

Millions of people throughout the world are enthusiastic about
Magnetic Therapy Jewellery.
The reason for this success: we combine sophisticated exclusive designer jewellery with the power of magnets. Our customers wear our jewellery because they are fascinated by its radiance and want to have the power of the magnets in their immediate vicinity all the time.
Our jewellery provides our customers with moments of well-being in their lives.


Attended a party recently, lots of facts learnt about magnetic therapy which was really interesting. Was impressed by the quality of the jewellery, so pretty too! We got a chance to try some bits on whilst we were chatting, lots of details and no pressure. Had lots of fun!
Becky H – Toronto, Canada
I have been pain free since January despite suffering with arthritis, also noticed my joints aren’t swollen anymore. I am amazed and really pleased by the results would definitely recommend trying the products.
Julie B – Mallorca, Spain
This stuff is fabulous. I bought a bracelet and an extra strong magnet in the hope it would help a long term back problem. It did and wow!! Can definitely recommend
Ann C – Mallorca, Spain
I have ordered a few different pieces from Mads, some for me, a couple for my husband and one for our dog! The range of jewellery is lovely, I am always spoilt for choice, and it has a good quality feel to it.
Alison T – Mallorca, Spain
My bracelet was a gift from a group of great girlfriends. Being totally honest, I’m not sure that the magnet helps with most of my symptoms of menopause, however I do sleep better which helps all round. And I love my gift! Some beautiful jewelry
Barbara T – Montreal, Canada
We had a jewellery party with Mads. It was a great evening, lots of fun, and the jewellery was beautiful. Quite a lot of jewellery was purchased and all got here within days, exceptional service… feed back from that night is amazing they all want MORE, not only dose it look fabulous it really works.
Pat H – Winchester, UK
First and foremost the jewellery is gorgeous. There’s so much choice, I could spend a fortune. I love my pendant and chain and I do think it’s improved the neck pain I regularly suffer with. I also bought the sports necklace for my 14 year old son, who loves it and wears it all the time.
Karen G – Mallorca, Spain
When I heard how the bracelet could help frozen shoulder, I thought I would give it a try. I had been on painkillers daily for about a month previous to deal with agonising pain. Just one day wearing my new bracelet the pain subsided dramatically. I have taken painkillers only twice in the last month. 
Simon G – Stevenage, UK